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Ranga’s Marriage Summary

Ranga’s Marriage Summary: Ranga’s Marriage is a story of a Village Accountant’s son named Ranga who returns to his village after receiving his education in Bangalore for Six Months, which is written by a Famous Author Masti Venkatesh Iyengar. And for them, it is infrequent to go to a different city to study.

In the starting of the story “Ranga’s Marriage,” the author tried to build up a conversation between the readers and himself, and so he talked to readers in a simple tune and said that why he choose this Title Ranga’s Marriage.

He could choose some fancy title like “Ranganatha Vijaya” or “Girija Kalyana,” but he did not because this is not about Jagannatha’s Victory or Girija’s Wedding. This is about their own Ranga’s marriage, hence no fancy title.

After that that the Author said that the name of their village is Hosahalli but it is very sad for him to say that no one knows about their village neither it is mention about this place on any map or geographical books because those Sahibs in England, writing in English, probably do not know about that place then how we can expect a cartographer to remember and put it on the map.

After that, the author said, ” Sorry I have started with a different topic, and I am going away to the different topic.”

After that Narrator speaks glowingly about his village, he said that Hosahalli village is significant for the state Mysore as like sweet karigadabu is vital for a festive meal here he wants to say that as a festival is meaningless without sweet like that Mysore state is also incomplete without Hosahalli village.

After that to support this statement, he said that besides him a Docter of his village name Gundabhatta also agrees with him. The doctor went to many places based on this knowledge. He says that their village is a significant place.

After that the author said that not only this there is also a particular type of mango is available in their village, if you once give a bite then it’s sourness will sure go straight to your brahmarandhra. He also said that there is a pond in their village where one special type of creeper is found, if you took two leaves to your home then you need no leaves for the afternoon meal because it is very big.

The author said that 10 Years before there are very few people who used to know English neither anyone could make courage to go to different study for higher studies, but their accountant was the only person who makes courage and sent his son for higher studies to Bangalore. They only used to speak in the Kannada language, but now it is different, now almost every people know English in their village.

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According to the author in that, it was a word of wow to know English that so why once Ranga the son village accountant came back to home after his studies from Bangalore everyone from the village came to see him whether he had changed or not in this 6 Months but for their surprise he has not changed he even not forget his caste. When they noticed that he has not changed the crowd melted rapidly in a moment.

After that, the author came to him and asked him, “How are you Rangappa?” After that Ranga Came to him and respectfully did Namaskara, saying, ” I am all right, with your blessing.” After that, the author gets very impressed with his manner and respect for elders. After that in the afternoon, the author was resting. Ranga came to his house with a couple of orange in his hands. Suddenly a thought came to the mind of the author; he thought it would be very nice to see Ranga married very soon and be of service of the society.

They both talks for a while and the author came to the point and asked him, “when are you going to marry?” After that Ranga replied that it is not the right time for his marriage because if he married right now to a young girl who is not mature, she would not be able to understand to him, if sometimes he talks to her lovingly then she might misunderstand and take his words of love as words of anger. That so why he is not marrying right now. After a few hours Ranga left his house but the author made up his mind right then, he would get Ranga Married.

Then after a girl came to author mind that is Ratna, she is the niece of Rama Rao’s. As she is from a big city so, she knows to play the veena and harmonium. She also had a sweet voice. But her parents have died. So, she is now with his uncle, and as the author visits their home frequently so, the girl is quite free to the author. And now the author thinks that she would be the best girl for Ranga.

Next Day the author went to Rama Rao’s house early morning and told to Rama Rao’s wife that he would send some buttermilk for her, so he asked Ratna to fetch it.

Ratna Came. It was Friday, so she was wearing a grand saree, and he requested her to sing a song. And also he sent for Ranga. After that Ranga also came and heard from the door that someone is singing a song with a sweet voice, so he stopped there and kept on listening but once he peeped to see the singer the light coming to the room blocked. Ratna looked up and stopped her singing when he saw a stranger.

Ranga's Marriage Summary Class 11 English

Ranga’s Marriage Summary

Then Ranga came in and asked the author, “you sent for me?” and sat on the chair. Then everyone was silent. Slowly the author said, “It was my coming that stopped you from singing.” Let me leave! , but the author said that he said he would leave the place, but he did not. And the author said that it is Kaliyuga so how can one expect words to match actions in these days?

Ratna ran inside, overcome by shyness. After that Ranga asked, “who is that girl, swami?”  In reply, the author said, ” It is meaning less to know who she is? because I am married and you are not going to marry right now.” Very hopefully Ranga asked, “She isn’t married, then?”

The author replied that she was married a year ago. After hearing this sentence, his face shriveled like a roasted brinjal. After a while, Ranga left, saying, “I must go, I have worked at home.”

The Next morning the author went to their Shastri and tutored him what he wants him to say. From this line, we can say that they have been planed something for Ranga.

Then the author went to Ranga in the afternoon and found no change in him; he was very upset. Then the author asked him, “What’s the matter? You seem to be lost in thought.” Rana replied, ” Nothing, nothing’s wrong; believe me.” The author said you might be suffering from headache let’s go and see a doctor. Ranga replied that he is all right.

Ranga came close to him said,” I also went through this moment when I was choosing a girl for me. Let’s go and see a Shastri.” After that Ranga accompanied without any protest.

After reaching to Shastri, Shastri welcome them and said, ” What a Surprise Shyama, after many days coming to my house?”

The author said to the Shastri that Rangappa is worried from two days, so they asked to Shastri what is the cause and solution for the problem. After some calculation, the Shastri said that it’s a matter of girl. After that, the author said that he could not stop his laugh anymore and he laughed in the meanwhile and looked at Ranga and said to him, ” Exactly what I had said to you.”

The author asked, ” Who is the girl?” Then after some time, Shastri replied, ” She probably has the name found in the ocean, It may be Kamala, Pachchi, Moss, and if not it might be pear or Ratna, the precious stone.” After that, the author asked, “Ratna? is there any chance of our negotiations bearing fruit?”

After thinking for some time, The Shastri said, ” Definitely” then there was surprise and happiness in Ranga’s face.

But meanwhile, the author said, ” But that girl is married….” After that again Ranga’s face has fallen. Then Shastri said that he doesn’t know about it; he is only saying what their Shastra indicated.

They left that place. On the way, they passed Rama Rao’s house. She was standing at the door. The author went alone and came out a minute later and said to Ranga that till now Ratna is not married, someone has told to him wrongly that she has been married. And said to Ranaga that what the Shastri had said was all right, he said that it he is not able to believe this. And asked Ranga is it true what the Shastri had said?

Ranga admitted, ” There is a greater truth in that Shastri than we imagine. What is said is absolutely true.”

At the evening the author again went to Shastri and said to him that he had repeated what he taught so perfectly without giving rise to any suspicion.

Rangappa had come the other day to invite the author for dinner. The author asked to Ranga, ” What’s the occasion?”  Then Ranga said that it’s Shyama’s Birthday, has turned three. After that, the author said, “It’s not nice name Shyama, I am like the dark piece of oil cake. Why did you give your’s golden child such a name? And how childish couple you are!…. Your wife is eight months pregnant who is there to help your mother in cooking?”

Ranga replied that his sister has come to help her mother in cooking. After that in the night, the author went for the dinner and Shyama came to him, then he kissed him on his cheek and placed a beautiful ring in this little finger.

After that, the author asked for a leave from the readers and ended this story.

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Conclusion: Dear Students, Here I have shared you the detailed Ranga’s Marriage Summary. I hope it will help you a lot in your exam. This Ranga’s Marriage Summary will help you to understand the whole story of Ranga’s Marriage in a straightforward way.

If you think there is any mistake in this Ranga’s Marriage Summary, then please do not forget to comment down, I will sure research about it once again and try to give you the quality Summary of Ranga’s Marriage Chapter Class 11 English Snapshot.

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